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Furniture designing and making at its best, this is what we do.
Furniture Design
Furniture Design

Furniture design is one of the main things we do at Mr. Woodblock and this is where we transform our concepts into reality.

We also use the latest technology (such as CAD, CNC) to produce intricate shapes and design. This helps us to cut down the time to produce a piece of furniture and keep the price affordable for our customers.

Check out our in-house designs on our site and some behind the scenes shots on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Bespoke Pieces

If you have a design in mind, we can make it a reality! Our Bespoke services include design discussions and professional advice on timber joinery, material selection and finishing.

We work with specialists providing high quality and a vast selection of wood, hardware and finishes that can be chosen by the customer to create unique pieces of furniture.​

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