Using Photo-realistic Program To Do Our Cost + Estimation

Using Photo-realistic Program To Do Our Cost + Estimation

Link to 1080p HD version (copy + paste):


Recently I have discovered that our Win 10 can record the screen with an in-built software by Xbox, so let's share about part of the stuff we do when we do the quotation.


What is involve when we do a quotation?

Cost + Estimation: sometimes I will draft it out on papers, other time I will use the computer aided design programs to help us accurately calculate the size, and this will allow us to know how much materials are needed and time involve.


I prefer to use Blender 2.82 as they are capable of generating photo-realistic 3D images for my client to see and for me to refer to for the outcome (when CNC process is not involve cause Blender can't save as CAM files for CNC to read yet).


The timing to do the photo-realistic part is actually very short and in fact quite fast because I already have an arsenal of templates of "skins" (wood, lighting, settings etc) preset ready to be use.


The only part that needs some time and is unavoidable (I'm afraid) is to draft them in actual lengths and position etc as these procedures allows us as maker to know how to fabricate it properly, to see if there is any grey areas etc.


This cost + estimation step is in fact necessary and it involve time taken to do them so that we can present the right quotations to our customers. 👍