Mother + Child Rocking Chair

Mother + Child Rocking Chair

It was created as a chair for us to rock our own babies to sleep. Trust us, you will sleep quickly when you sit on this chair.


This rocking chair is bigger in size to accomodate mummy, toddler and baby, but it can be “downsized” for smaller spaces and lesser people. It also comes with 2 ‘jolly beans’ for the kids. It is designed in a way that you can slot them into the big chair.


The design is cut by a Computer Numerical Control (CnC) machine. If you are interested to get this chair or with the idea of mass production it, please let us know! We will love to work with you on this.



Length - 138cm

Width - 67.6cm

Height - 129cm

Weight - 150kg

Material - American oak veneer, Pine plywood, Steel pipes as structures