Gemeinschaft - Classic Intense Black

Gemeinschaft - Classic Intense Black

Gemeinschaft has a rounded curve on the bottom edges of the table top. Timber table legs are tapered and splayed. Options for steel legs are square or trapezoid.


This is in our intense black Classic series. There are no additional profiles to the top of the table. This will fit well into interiors where plain, neat and dark furniture is preferred.


We stained the solid timber with Rubio Monocoat Intense Black stain to achieve this level of black, and at the same time not diminishing the grain at all.


It comes in various sizes and add-on option too.


Lead Time:

4-6 weeks within Victoria.

5-7 weeks within Australia.

For overseas, please contact us directly.


Timber Finish:

Stain: Pre Colour Intense Black by Rubio Monocoat.

Overall coat: Polyx Oil - Semi Matte by Osmo.



Matte-finished epoxy coating on table top is available. This coating is water-proof, has a great heat (melting point > 180°C) and chemical (nail polish etc) resistance. It gives the surface a completely poreless look and feel.


Designed and made in Melbourne.